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Hainan province plans to recruit 600 people for government jobs this year to improve the overall quality of employees and spur the tropical island’s transformation into a free trade zone.

In an official announcement, authorities said 600 positions are open for principal office clerks under 45, with half of candidates required to have previous work experience at an FTZ.

Talented individuals with experience in international finance, trade, international law, investment, economics, tourism, ecological environment, education, marine engineering and aerospace technology, among others, will help boost 12 pillar industries — with network infrastructure and rural vitalization top priorities, according to HR officials.

The announcement encouraged former government employees and recent college graduates with clean records to apply for the positions before the end of this month.

The government will arrange a written test and conduct interviews, with selected candidates offered positions for at least five years, it added.

“This is the first step by Hainan to recruit government officials, and we will carry out additional steps to introduce more employees in line with demand,” said Li Yingxu from the organization department of Hainan’s Party committee.

Hainan also announced a recruitment action plan on May 13 aimed at finding 1 million talented workers by 2025. The plan is seen as key to implementing central government directives to provide a welcoming environment for individuals who can contribute to making Hainan an international FTZ.

A shortage of talent has been a problem for Hainan, according to government officials at a news conference on Sunday. To counter the problem, the island has introduced a series of policies, such as offering free housing and providing rent subsidiaries, to attract domestic and international workers.

Last month, the central government voiced its support for developing Hainan into a pilot international FTZ and exploring the construction of a free trade port with Chinese characteristics at a gathering to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the island becoming a province and a special economic zone.